Chaos, creation and coffee

Today I made the first morning coffee in the wagon, a creation myth in miniature. First, there was water, and over the water the darkness dwelt.


Then there was fire, and my Origo alcohol stove. This is meant for boats, so the holder for the alcohol is secured firmly inside the canister. It’s quite handy and easy to use, silent and virtually smoke-free. Takes a while to boil water, though. And so far I only have the one plate-version. It might be a bit clumsy what I really start to use the kitchen, but we’ll see.

The copper kettle was my grandmothers.


And the light fell upon the earth, here represented by coffee beans and handgrinder. Like I said, it takes a while for the water to boil, so I might as well have fresh ground beans.


And of course, when you use an alcohol stove, you’ll need air, so here is my first first breakfast by the living room window (I like to keep with the hobbit, or Danish tradition of first and second breakfast) with all the elements of creation and a Scottish shortbread, which I’m sure was present at the original creation also.


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