Purism and plastic, struggles with the self

I’m trying as far as possible to avoid using plastic for anything in the house. This is not merely an environmental statement, nor a result of the tactile visuality I so desire (Plastic reflects nothing, absorbs nothing, it is a dead material), but mostly that I’m just simply sick of it after years of coming across it everywhere. It’s a kind of aesthetic allergy.

I’m not denying that plastic as a material has its uses. It doesn’t rot, it’s waterproof (unlike my ceiling) and it’s lightweight. This last issue is of course a great concern of mine as every ounce counts when you live on wheels.

I’m trying not to get mental over this, but as long as I can find any other material than plastic, I will.

Not plastic, but not really working very well

The biggest problem is the water tank. I have tried a wine barrel, but they’re quite heavy and gives the water a wooden flavor. I have tried a stainless-steel pot made for brewing beer, but they’re either too small or too large. Finding a stainless-steel water tank just made for storing water has proved ridiculously difficult, so it seems like I might be stuck with a plastic water container untill I stumble across a better option.

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