Attachment issues

For several reasons, mostly to do with rules and legislations, my house is detachable from the trailer it’s built on. This means I don’t have to apply to anyone to have it registered as anything at all.  That’s the upside.  The downside is attempting to attach the house securely. My solution so far is to have two large wooden beams running along the length of the trailer and have notches cut into them where the brackets are placed. I then have alternating large eylet-bolts and U-bolts screwed onto the beam and wire-clips attaching the trailer brackets to the various bolts. It looks quite sinister and weird. It also means I have to make little hatches to cover the holes in the walls where the brackets are. Not a very difficult task, but one of those things that are just enough of a bother and not enough of a problem that I find myself constantly postponing.

tiny chthonic creepiness

My plan is to have three sets of baggage-straps, two outdoors and one set indoor and in the middle in addition to the bolts and screws to be used while driving. Still, I’m really not sure that I’ve found the best solution. Any ideas anyone?

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