Evolutionary snuggles*

They *” say that evolution is incapable of taking one step back in order to move forward in a better direction. I’m going to claim this as the reason for my deep reluctance to fixing the afore-mentioned leak in my roof.

I mean, properly fixing it instead of just adding new bits and pieces to something that was obviously never going to work. Or at least, not at my skill-level. What was not working was this:


A rather intricate mosaic of burnt cedar wood, using the technique of yakisugi or sho sugi ban. This is me and a closeup of one of the pieces.


When this did not work, I tried to remedy it with huge blobs of tec7and sikaflex.  I’ll spare you the details.

And when this still didn’t work, I tried to cover the atrocity with asphalt roofing felt.

In order to fix this I had to remove all the roofing felt, all the bits and pieces and replace them with something more whole, more practical and, alas, a less interesting solution.


But here, at least, is a glimpse of the resulting hygge, proving that evolution does not always know where it’s going and might be highly overrated.


*There’s no point to writing snuggles rather than the more obvious struggles, just that I’m tired of the endless yapping about evolution as some sort of special olympics. The universe cares nothing for your stupid games of dominance.

**I’m not really sure who ‘they’ are. Possibly Darwin, or my 8th grade biology teacher. It’s just one of those phrases.

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