Autumn already?

It’s been a while.  

I haven’t been able to travel, or live in my house these past years, but I’ve been keeping up the larger project, the search for how to live in the world

When I built my house, my main object was to see what really was needed from a house. What I needed. We’ve gotten so used to the smaller and larger infrastructures surrounding us that we’ve lost sight of where we are. What I found was that the house can be quite small and simple, but you still need a large, and living, territory for food, movement, company, and water. 

I have written before about how travel is a dance with the land, but you can’t dance with someone who is bound and broken, unable to breathe, held down by highways and poisoned by factory fumes or chopped to bits by wind turbines.

In these past few years I have been living in Valdres in my country of birth, Norway. It’s still a place that holds a lot of beauty and a lot of spirit, but they are both under constant threat from humans. 

I’ve been meaning to post about all the strange things here, as well as our exploration of the area and the surrounding nature, but I’ve been too focused on trying to immerse myself that I haven’t had time to neither digest the impressions properly or think about how to communicate them. The old myths are more alive here than in many places in Norway, and I’m convinced it has to do with the fairly alive nature.

So I thought I would tell you a bit about the things living here, about trying to connect to the spirit of a place, about living animism and practical magic. I’ll try posting once a week, so check in to see what’s going on in the halls of the mountain king

2 thoughts on “Autumn already?

  1. Anne

    Hej Tone, good to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pain about the land. Being an idealistic forest ecologist, I share the pain. What feels good is to learn about protected species and make use of the opportunity to report sightings in order to saveguard a forest from ecosystem destruction (plantation forestry). I just learned about some pretty fascinating lichen and wood fungi and found my first ones in some nature reserves. I hope you also find something to lift your spirits this week. Autumn is coming after all =) The forest will fill up with all those wonderfully sweet and rich leave juice smells. I can’t wait ❤ Safe travels, Anne (Västerbotten)

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    1. tone melbye

      Hei Anne, thank you for your comment 🙂 There are in fact a few endangered species close to where I am, down by the river. I thought I would do a video soon and post it here with a walk-through and see if I can spot any. I’m not terribly good at telling apart different types of fungi and lichen, but I’m a big fan of both. Hope you have a charming autumn. Until next time, ❤


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