This blog is about the search for how to live with the land

By that I mean

Never has so many been so alienated from so much, including ourselves. This is about the search for reconnecting with the weave of living things, body and spirit

My History

My background is solidly rooted in academia, more specific philosophical and religious studies. This is also where I gained an interest in phenomenology, the novel concept that you actually have a body and it actually has needs and takes up space in the world. Absurdly obvious as this sounds, this is a notion completely lacking in western current thought. My curiosity was, however, not satisfied, so I started traveling and moving around at any opportunity, feeling that there was a lot that books could not, try as they might, convey. I started making my living as a freelance writer and journalist. The travels got more frequent, and my feeling of discomfort in the current human world grew. In 2017 I started work on La Chouette, my tinyhouse on wheels, so I could travel at my own speed, to places usually unavailable, and also to find what’s really needed from a house. What does it mean to build a house, what does it to raise walls and put a roof over your head. After the lockdowns, travel beyond tourism has been made difficult, and I moved up to the mountains in Valdres in my home country of Norway. Here I continue the search for how to live with your surroundings, and not merely off them.