Our neighbour, the troll

Now that I’ve introduces the ghosts in the house next door to the east, I thought I ‘d write about our neighbour to the west, who is a troll. His name is Trond and you can just glimpse him when the fog and the morning sun meet in a certain manner. The mountain you can …

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A tiny house and a ghost story

There is a tiny house next to ours. It’s not part of the property, and no one lives there. No one really knows who owns it, if anyone. It’s a between house. You wouldn’t think, looking at it, that two centuries ago, it was inhabited by a young unwed mother and her daughter. It’s smaller …

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Autumn already?

It’s been a while.   I haven’t been able to travel, or live in my house these past years, but I’ve been keeping up the larger project, the search for how to live in the world When I built my house, my main object was to see what really was needed from a house. What …

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