Frankenstein and his plastic fantastic monster

I would have made things a lot easier for myself if I had been willing to use plastic more, but I’m not. I have talked about this before and today I will elaborate.

It’s easy when faced with the pollution and environmental disaster that plastic is causing to simply dismiss it as an evil thing, but that’s not the reason, not in itself. The problem with plastic is not only that it’s unpleasant to touch, that is has no smell, doesnt reflect or contain the light, and because of that, its invariably garish colours. It is an aesthetical pollution even when not thrown in nature. But the real problem isn’t plastic in itself. The real problem is the dream of the everlasting.

Plastic is a result of our society’s fixation on conservation, but conservation like butterflies are conserved in a jar, dead, hollow shells. It is a result of the christian ide of the eternal kingdom, our idea of heaven is a place where nothing ever changes, even though most of us really would find that to be a hell.

example of things with very different timeline, some more vapid than others

It is deeply imbedded in our culture that creation is good and destruction is evil. And even if we have found ideas from older cultures, and can repeat like parrots that without destruction, there is no creation, we don’t understand it, not emotionally. What is made is not without implication, for every thing that is created, something else isn’t. And I will say this again; matter is not infinite. 

The problem with plastic is that it is locked in its form. Even if it is recycled into other things, it can never be anything else than plastic, its basic building blocks are frozen, and those building blocks are made from something. By making more plastic, we drain the world of recourses in more ways than just the process, we kill the would in more ways than just by the suffocation of nature. We drain it.

Myths and literature has always warned of this, the nordic myth of the åsgårdian gods’ attempt to take Balder out of circulation and lock him in eternal existence, narrowly prevented by Loke. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and his attempt of pretty much the same thing as those gods, creating an eternal form, taking matter out of existence. Today, the monstrosity of this is often presented as physical deformity, but the monstrosity of Frankensteins monster is in it being matter out of place, out of existence.

I am, of course, devastated every time I break a treasured mug etc. I do appreciate the beauty of things, living or not. But to appreaciate things is also to leave them alone, to care for things while they exist and also to see what they consist of and that those things one day can be completely different, as you too shall be.


The creation of the couch potato and the road more comfortable

This is my sofa


Currently it’s in the basement untill the roof of the wagon is a bit more rain-proof, a subject for my next post.

This is also the first thing I’ve built, back in February this year. A sort of screen test to see if I could manage to bring different pieces together and make them stick. So far my work has been with words, now it’s wood and wool.

While planning the house, I came across all the questions about what I wanted from a house, what I wanted to surround myself with. And a sofa, is a very defining feature in a house. It takes a lot of space. It defines that space and it’s shape determines how you place your body for a large portion of your life. It is not, however, necessary.

The sofa is a fairly new thing here, not widespread untill early 1800, and not introduced without some controversy regarding how it would make people lazy,  deformed and morally corrupt. Some may claim they were right. For me, the sofa is where I read. (also a moraly questionable preoccupation a while ago). So,since I read, I want a sofa. And since I have problems finding a sofa to my liking, I made one myself.

Most sofas I find too hard, too soft, too deep, too low or too high. With the armrests too wide, too thin. The fabric in dull or garish colors and the overall design just simply trying too hard to look casual and unobtrusive. So much so they end up screaming at you.

This it therefore made to my measurements, my size, with regard to how I like to sit and my preferred colours, in this case a moss-green Harris tweed. The seat has down cushions overlying foam-covered metal springs and the armrests are open, because I like to stick my feet out. Also, as you may notice, these is a fair amount or ribbons, decorative buttons and curves. For my eyes rests better at curves than angles, I have found.

So, without settling too comfortably in materialism, I can still say that there is some truth to the claim know your sofa, know yourself.